Api Organica

Organic Beekeeping enthusiasts, you have the opportunity to participate in 3. World Symposium of Organic Beekeeping, which will take place in Italy (Bologna, Castel San Pietro Terme) from 4. till 7. March 2014.

The program is divided in two segments:Api-Organica-2014-Italy
- Scientific and
- Other  activities.

Scientific Program

The 5th and 6th of March will be entirely dedicated to the Symposium working sessions, addressing the following topics:
• Organic Beekeeping: environmental quality and colony distinctive management
• Colony health management: treatments and biotechnical methods:
- Varroa mite block and related diseases
- Brood and other bee diseases
• Marketing of organic bee products
• Organic Beekeeping: challenges and opportunities for developing countries
All sessions will be Plenary. Simultaneous translation services will be available in English, Spanish and Italian.

Optional activities

4th March. Technical tour with visits to:
Conapi’s establishment, a cooperative that processes and commercializes 20% of the best Italian honey;
• A local organic beekeeping farm.
7th March. Visit to APIMELL 2014 (Piacenza):
The most important Mediterranean beekeeping exhibition.
Social & Cultural events:
• Music and theatre show “The Loneliness of Bees”.
• Film festival dedicated to the bee world.
• Slow Food “Earth Market”.
For more information on registration and costs, please visit the website: www.apibio.org
They prepared also invitation movie for you, check it below:


Mara Alacqua (Unaapi)
email: mara.alacqua@unaapi.it
Phone: (+39) 380 1428933
Elisabetta Tedeschi (Conapi)
email: elisabettatedeschi@conapi.it
Phone: (+39) 051 6540407
Source: www.apibio.org