In some european countries beekeeping associations take care every year and publish suggested prices for honey. Reason for that behavior is to keep high value of honey. And beekeeping associations are only one who can be objective about that.
We did prepare some current prices of honey for this year so you can get a real picture of status of honey from country to country.

Current (retail) prices in € of honey for year 2013

Type of honey
Slovenia (for 900 g)
Serbia (for 900 g)
Switzerland (for 1kg)
Austria (for 1kg)
Germany (for 1kg)
Czech (for 900 g)
flower honey     6-7,55,5-12           /7,5-8                   7-10 5-7
acacia honey     6-8,55-6/7,5-87-10                     5-7
forest honey     7,5-9        /12-147,5-149-126-9

As you can see price depends of course also from the demographic – economical environment.

What affect on prices of honey?

Prices of honey depend from market value (amount of honey on market) and cost that are involved by beekeeping (sugar, gas, varroa tretmant …).
Price of Honey